Snowmobile Rental Policy

Information on snowmobile rentals in New York at Village Motorsports in Speculator.

What's Included

A full-face helmet, trail map, and a safety & riding orientation are included in your rental. We DO NOT include or rent winter apparel for riding your snowmobile. You must dress expecting winter weather conditions and wind, like skiing. Our apparel department is on the second floor over our showroom. We have a full line of snowmobile apparel for purchase at competitive pricing.

What to Bring

For proper safety and to ensure an enjoyable riding experience, it's imperative that you dress appropriately for the winter outdoor weather conditions. Full snow gear is recommended including snow boots, gloves, and "neckie"/balaclava. A balaclava fits over your head and neck under the helmet, it helps protect your next area from wind and cold. As a full-service Yamaha dealer and Parts Unlimited dealer, you can purchase everything you need for a safe and fun snowmobile adventure at our shop. Be sure to check our local weather and extended forecast prior to your day of riding.

Types of Snowmobiles

Our snowmobile rental fleet consists of late model Yamaha 4-Stroke snowmobiles. All of our sleds are equipped with electric start & reverse.

On the trails

  1. STAY ON TRAILS! The Adirondacks have many trails, some may be private, not all are designated for snowmobiles, so ALWAYS follow trail signs. Trails may be rerouted for various reasons, Tracks do not mean it is a trail, always follow trail signs. Fields and open areas may have snow covered hazards, such as ponds, fences, stumps, gullies, swamps, which will damage you and the snowmobile. STAY ON THE TRAILS!
  2. Pay attention to trail signs, especially stop signs. ALWAYS stop and look both ways and yield to approaching traffic before crossing roads.
  3. Your headlights will lead the way, limit your speed at night to as far as you can see. Do not feel you need to race to "keep up". Plan stops at each stop sign or intersection and waits for each person in your group to catch up. Drive defensively! Beware of limited sign distances on hills and turns.
  4. Always, keep to the right of the trail when riding. Do not stop in the middle of the trail, pull over to the side single file if you must stop on the trail.
  5. Be aware of hand signals of other traffic. If you are the lead rider in your group, gesture to each passing sled the number of riders in your group (using the fingers of your left hand, indicate how many riders are in your group). Subsequent riders should also indicate how many riders are behind him or her. The last rider in your group should hold up a clenched fist, letting oncoming traffic know when your group is clear. See examples of hand signal (click here)
  6. When leaving the snowmobiles unattended, take the keys and helmet with you, you are responsible for each.
  7. Before leaving again, remember to let the sleds idle for a couple of minutes to warm-up before taking off. The red warning light must go off before you drive off.
  8. DO NOT RUN the snowmobile if any warning lights come on. You are responsible for any damage incurred, Call us immediately at 518-548-RENT(7368) for what to do or so we can come to you.

Before Departure

  1. Dress warmly. We recommend snow pants, warm boots, gloves, and a warm coat. The warmer you are, the more fun you will have.
  2. Inspect the snowmobile one last time, you are responsible for any damage incurred while renting the snowmobile.
  3. Verify that you have a copy of the rental contract and the inspection form.
  4. Verify that you have enough gas in the snowmobile to make it to your next stop. This should also be noted on the inspection sheet.
  5. Let each snowmobile idle for a couple of minutes to warm-up before departure.
  6. Each snowmobile should be able to run 80-100 miles between refueling. Check your snowmobile gauges regularly Plan your stops accordingly.

Time of Delivery

  1. Please have driver's license ready and your credit card or cash for your damage deposit.
  2. Complete snowmobile inspection checklist. We will be orienting you with the snowmobile at this time.
  3. Helmets will be provided for each rider. Try them on to ensure a proper fit.
  4. Complete, sign, and return the rental agreement.

Upon Returning

  1. Refuel your sled before you return it, otherwise, a refueling surcharge will apply.
  2. Return all items provided for the trip. You are responsible for lost items and will be charged accordingly.
  3. Report any problems you encountered or damage that may have occurred while the snowmobile was in your possession.
  4. Review the snowmobile with the Village rentals representative. Final signoff on damage report will happen at this time. Keep this report, it will protect you should any future damage claims be made against you.


Reservations are accepted and recommended for full day and multi-day rentals. A $100 deposit, per sled, is required. Balance is due on the day of rental. Call 518-548-RENT(7368) today to make your reservation.


Snowmobiles are powerful and expensive machines. Safe riding and staying within your riding ability are very important. Although Village Rentals carries Liability Insurance, the Renter is responsible for all damages that occur to the snowmobile during the time of rental. Ask about option insurance coverage to cover snowmobile damages.

Fuel Surcharge

You will receive the snowmobile with a full tank of fuel and you must return the sled with a full tank. Snowmobiles returned with less than a full tank will incur a fuel surcharge fee. Please remember to save yourself time and money by filling up before returning. Fuel is available at Mountain Market. Payment Methods accepted include CASH, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Security Deposit

A $500 security deposit is required on the day of rental and can be secured with your credit card or cash. A credit card deposit is a pre-authorization and will remain unavailable to the cardholder for a period of time determined by your credit card issuer. We have no power to change this policy, this is set by your card issuer, there is nothing we can do to change it.

Cancellation Policy

All deposits are non-refundable. If we receive 48 hours prior notice, your deposit will remain on account to be used for future rentals/purchases.

Trail Conditions

For the most accurate and up-to-date trail reports for the area, visit or the bulletin boards at ILSNOW.COM Please do not call our office we do not and can not provide trail reports and weather conditions.

Prices are subject to change without notice. We Not responsible for misprints. Terms are subject to availability.